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Flash20 Hydrology Software for the PC

Flash20 automates the process of using SCS' TR-20 method for hydrograph generation and routing. After performing TR-55 method hydrology calculations with Flash55, Flash20 will automatically pick up the data from Flash55 and create a TR-20 input file. You can graphically connect drainage areas, add reaches, diversions, and reservoir routings, and then compute the results.

If you have ever created a TR-20 file manually then you know its not a lot of fun. Worrying about hydrograph locations, cross section numbers, and making sure all your data is in the correct columns is a time consuming and error prone task.

Flash20 eliminates all these worries, allowing you to connect your drainage areas graphically, add any additional operations required, such as a Reach or Reservoir, and run the model. Some of the features provided by Flash20 include:

Sample Flash20 Display

Flash20 runs on PC compatible computers with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2K, and XP.

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