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Surveying Software For the HP48

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IconStudent Cogo is our entry level surveying package for the HP48. Originally designed for educational use, our concept was to allow students to solve all types of problems, but they did not need large amounts of data. To help keep costs down the software can be used without a RAM card. Student Cogo cards will work on either the HP48SX or HP48GX. Right now Student Cogo also includes a free copy of HYDRATOOLS, a hydraulic calculator. Many of our users find this combination perfect when preparing for licensing exams. All states which we have been in contact with allow the use of the HP48GX and Student Cogo during licensing exams.

Icon SITESTAKE is a powerful cogo package with all the capabilities of Student Cogo plus the ability to interface with total stations and office computers. If you need a low cost stakeout tool with interfacing capabilities take a look at SITESTAKE. You won't find all these features for such a low price anywhere else. SITESTAKE cards are available for the HP48GX only.

IconParty Chief is our professional level surveying package. It consists of 3 modules which can be purchased separately. For handling large volumes of data, using advanced features such as alignment files, road templates, automatic gradesheets, and data collection choose Party Chief.

This chart compares the features of Student Cogo, SITESTAKE, and Party Chief.

Surveying Software For PC's

IconFileMan48 is a surveyors database designed to work together with Party Chief. It handles data transfer, editing, and printing of all file types Party Chief supports. FileMan48 also allows you to import/exmport ASCII coordinates in a variety of formats to interchange data with your CAD software.

IconSurvey Chief provides all the functions of FileMan48 plus adds cogo functions including raw data reduction, rotation, plotting, and a cogo calculator emulating Party Chief. If you are using the Party Chief Data Collection module, choose Survey Chief to quickly reduce large amounts of raw data in the office.

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