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Hydraulic Calculator for the HP48

HYDRATOOLS solves equations frequently used to determine the discharge of orifices, weirs, gutters, channels, and pipes in gravity and pressure conditions. HYDRATOOLS is particularly useful for designing storm drain systems.

[] HYDRATOOLS is very easy to use. Just select the equation to use from the menu and a dialog box is displayed on screen where you can fill in the values. Then press the SOLVE key to compute an answer.
HYDRATOOLS can solve the following equations:

Partial Pipe Flow

You can always solve for any variable, but some of the most common uses are:

Pipe Pressure Flow

Pressure flow allows you to:

Channel Flow

Channel flow includes equations for the following channel configurations: As with all HYDRATOOLS equations you can always solve for any variable. For example, you can calculate the bottom width of a trapezoidal channel required to pass a given Q at a given slope.

Gutter Flow

Orifice Flow

Orifice flow conditions often arise in the design of storm water management outflow structures. HYDRATOOLS allows you to easily compute the orifice size required to achieve a peak discharge rate in a detention basin design.

Weir Flow

The weir flow equations are also useful for designing storm water management outlet structures.

HYDRATOOLS is available either on a card or on disk to be downloaded into your HP48 via the serial port. It is also included with HYDROmate, RAMSS' TR-55 method hydrology software for the HP48.

Hardware Requirements:
Card: HP48SX or GX with 8K RAM available
Disk: HP48S, SX, G, or GX with 24K RAM available, serial cable

The current version of HYDRAtools is 2.01. If you have an earlier version see UPDATES for information on ordering the latest version.

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