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RAMSS Inc. Surveying & Engineering Software

RAMSS was started in 1987 as an offshoot of a surveying & engineering company. The company had been developing software for Hewlett Packard HP41's for their own use. Our first product was a 256K RAM expansion unit for the HP41 which allowed us to carry 64K of programs and 192K of data. This amounted to about 12,000 coordinates.

Unfortunately, soon after this product reached the marketplace, HP discontinued the HP41. In 1990, with HP's release of the HP48SX a new era began. Although many people remember the 41's fondly, the HP48 was a major advancement in terms of data and program storage, and the enlarged graphical display. Our surveying software was ported over to the HP48 and became Party Chief. Additional hydrology, hydraulics, & surveying programs followed. We currently offer software for the HP48 and for PC's and sell a complete line of HP48 accessories.

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