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HP48 Series Calculators

Hewlett Packard released the HP48S & HP48SX in 1990, replacing the HP41 series. Both calculators feature a multiline display, an engineering oriented, caculator style keyboard, and both serial and infrared ports. Both calculators also have 32K of built in RAM. The primary difference is expandability (the "X"). The HP48SX has two card slots allowing the installation of either RAM memory expansion cards or ROM based program cards.

All of RAMSS' software is ROM card based with the exception of HYDRAtools which is available in either format. Therefore HYDRAtools is the only program we offer which can be used on the HP48S (or HP48G, see below).

In 1993 HP released the HP48G & HP48GX, replacing the S series. The HP48GX was boosted to 128K of internal RAM, and the card slots were redesigned to allow installation of up to 4 Megs of RAM. Previously the 48SX had been limited to 2 128K cards.

Because most of our software is card based, and the 128K RAM is needed for large applications, all our new software development is geared toward the HP48GX.

Our hydrology & hydraulics programs may be used with either the HP48SX or the HP48GX (the disk based version of HYDRAtools may also be used with the HP48S and the HP48G).

Student Cogo, our entry level surveying card can also be used with either the SX or GX. Because of differences in accessing the new RAM ports of the GX, separate versions of Party Chief are required for the SX and GX. Software development continues on the GX, but the final SX version was 3.9. Although you can still purchase this today, we highly recommend upgrading to the GX.

SiteStake, our newest surveying product, is available only on the HP48GX.

RAMSS does not sell software for the HP49 Series.

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