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Updated 02/06/02

Hewlett Packard recently released a new calculator, the HP49G. We have been receiving a lot of questions about the HP49 so we will try to answer the most common ones here. We do not feel the HP49G is an upgrade from the HP48GX. The HP48GX offers many features which the HP49 does not.

We do not currently have any software for the HP49. We currently do not anticipate creating any HP49 products. We also do not know anyone who has surveying software for the HP49.

The HP49 does not have any card slots and is not expandable.

The HP49 includes 512K of RAM and 1M of flash RAM. This is roughly equivalent to an HP48GX with a 1M RAM card installed.

The HP49 programming language, processor and speed are comparable.

The HP49 does not use the same cable as the HP48,the 49 requires a 10 pin cable, where the HP48 requires a 4 pin cable. Unfortunately, while they changed the format of the cable they did not make the connection any more durable.

The HP49 does not support infrared transfers like the HP48.

The HP49 has been through numerous operating system ROM updates recently and does not appear to be extremely stable. This is the first HP calculator product where the operating system ROM could be updated by the user and HP seems to have released the HP49 without very extensive testing.

We considered porting some or all of our 48 products to the 49. However, we hoped to see the OS become more stable before getting too far into this project.

See the current order form for pricing information.

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