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Whether you are a student taking surveying and engineering classes or a surveyor starting out on a budget Student Cogo from RAMSS is the tool for you. The HP48 has proven to be a popular tool for engineering students because of its universal applications. Packages are available for chemistry, electrical engineering, structural design, hydrology, hydraulics, and now surveying.

RAMSS has been providing students and engineers with HYDROmate and HYDRAtools, our hydrology and hydraulics applications for the HP48, for several years. Now we are releasing a complete, low cost surveying package designed just for the student.

Our design concept was simple. The student needs to solve all the problems which are handled by more expensive surveying computers. What the student does not need, and should not have to pay for, is the ability to handle large volumes of data. Student Cogo is designed to run without a RAM card to help keep your hardware cost low. And because interfacing is one of our most expensive issues, both in software development and technical support, Student Cogo does not communicate with Total Stations. This allows us to provide you with a more complete software package at minimal cost.

Student Cogo provides all the functions used in day to day surveying work. These include Inverse, Traverse, Stakeout Tie, Sideshot, Resection, Offset/Run, and Triangle and Circle solutions. In addition to these it also includes:

And now as part of our introductory special all Student Cogo cards include a free copy of HYDRAtools, our hydraulic calculator for the HP48. But hurry, this offer is limited.

Student Cogo card can be used in either the HP48SX or HP48GX. *Point storage estimates are for the 48GX. The 48SX will store several hundred points.

Student Cogo Program List

The Student Cogo Coordinate Geometry software is the most powerful, and affordable software package on the market. The software is designed to let you perform survey computations with ease. The software comes on a plug-in card for the HP48GX or HP48SX. The following programs are included:

Circle Solutions

  • From any two pieces of data (Delta, Radius, Arc, Chord, Tangent) compute the remaining values.
  • Midordinate, external, sector area, and segment area are also computed.

Triangle Solutions

  • Compute solutions to Side-Angle-Side, Angle-Side-Angle, Side-Side-Angle, and Side-Side-Side.
  • The area is also computed.


  • 2 methods of setting the Instrument Elevation.
  • It can also use Total Station or Level and Rod data to compute elevations and cut/fills.

Cogo Programs

  • Traverse with Bearings/Azimuths
  • Traverse with Angles
  • Inverse with Point Numbers and/or Coordinates
  • Sideshots
  • Stake-Out Ties
  • Resection
  • Offset/Run (Compute offset and run of a point from a baseline)
  • Radius Point (Compute a Radius point from 3 known points)


  • Line-Line with Angles & Offsets
  • Line-Distance with Angle & Offset
  • Distance-Distance


  • Compute areas with point numbers or coordinates
  • Figure may contain lines and curves
  • Print area summary to a serial or infrared printer
  • Predetermined Area by swing or slide method

Horizontal Baselines

  • Layout lines and curves
  • Generates coordinates or radial stakeout data from any station and offset.
  • The baseline can be linked with a vertical profile for three dimensional work.

Vertical Profiles

  • Lay out straight grades
  • Lay out vertical curves
  • Generate grades from a station and vertical offset.

File Manager

  • Directory
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Rename

File Access

  • STORE Point North, East, Elev, and Text
  • RECALL Point North, East, Elev, and Text
  • Edit cogo files with a full screen display of points


Select type of input Manual entries include:
  • Hor.Angle, Zen.Angle, Slope Distance
  • Hor.Angle, Ver.Angle, Slope Distance
  • Hor.Angle, Hor.Distance, Vert. Distance.

Trig. Functions

All Trig functions can use angles in degrees or DMS format. The following functions are included: Sin, Cos, Tan, ASin, ACos, ATan, RD, DR, RP, PR, DMS+, DMS-, DMS×, DMS÷

Traverse Adjustment

A simple yet powerful compass rule program. It allows you to test angles and closure separately or simultaneously. You can edit and test the data numerous times before adjusting it into a cogo file. It can print a summary to a serial or infrared printer.


The volume program allows you to quickly calculate and print cut/fill volumes from cross-sectional data.

The current version of Student Cogo is 1.1. If you have an earlier version see updates for information on ordering the latest version.

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