RAMSS Surveying Software Chart

RAMSS Surveying Software Features

Program FeaturesStudent CogoSITESTAKEParty ChiefSurvey Chief
Coordinate Geometry
Stakeout Tie
Offset / Run
Find Radius
Trig. In D.MMSS
Triangle Solutions
Circle Solutions
File Management
Store Coordinates
XYZ with Text
Store Multiple Files
ASCII Transfers Optional
Radial Stakeout
3-D with Cut / Fill
Station / Offset
Deflection / Chord
Slope Stake
Vertical Curves
Traverse Adjustment
Area Computation
Predetermined Area
Volume Computation
Rotate / Translate
Data Collection Available
Interface with Total Station
Transfer Data to / from PC N/A
Requires RAM Card N/A
Includes HYDRATOOLSOptional Optional N/A

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