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Flash55 Hydrology Software for Windows

New in Version 4.0: Flash55 now includes rational method runoff computation, storm drain design, and hydraulic gradient calculation.

Due to increasing environmental concerns, stormwater management is becoming more and more complex. In answer to the growing demand for stormwater management design tools RAMSS has developed a series of software packages. The process of developing better stormwater management solutions begins with the collection of accurate data. To accomplish this RAMSS has developed Flash55, a TR-55 method hydrology package with advanced data collection and storage capabilities. Some of the powerful features provided by Flash55 include:

[Flash55 CN Screen]

[Flash55 Tc Screen]

Printed output from Flash55 is numerically equivalent to that from other TR-55 method hydrology software. The additional data included, and the easy to understand format are what places Flash55 ahead of the pack.

Data files are designed to contain a complete project, including an unlimited number of areas, to simplify your file management chores. An unlimited number of Rainfall Frequency Tables may be stored and accessed by name. Rainfall distribution type and rainfall depth information can be entered at the time of installation and need not be reentered. The metric system will soon be required on some jobs and Flash55 is ready. Areas may be measured in Acres, Miles², Hectares, and Kilometers².

Computations for a single drainage area, including CN, Tc, Tt, and Qp calculations, are all printed in an easy to read format, on a single page if possible.

Graphical peak discharge information is computed for a maximum of 7 storms. This allows the frequently used 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 year events to all be computed.

Summary table provides weighted CN, impervious area, Tc, and the peak discharge for a user specified storm frequency. Once you have completed the data collection, this provides a concise summary of the information needed for the next phases of your project. A single sheet of paper can give you all the data you need, where previously you had to leaf through up to 100 pages.

Flash55 runs on Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP. 5 meg disk space is required. 800x600 or better graphics is recommended.

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