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Discover how today's engineers and designers are solving hydraulic problems quickly and accurately. FlowTool allows the solution of the most commonly used hydraulic equations. This is the tool you need to produce accurate work quickly and affordably. FlowTool replaces nomographs, design charts, pocket calculators, and other methods traditionally used to solve hydraulic equations.

FlowTool - Hydraulic Calculator for Windows

FlowTool allows the solution of equations relating to Pipe Pressure, Pipe Gravity, Weir, Orifice, Gutter, and Channel flows. All equations may be solved for any variable, and partial solutions are performed if not enough information is provided.

[FlowTool Toolbar]

FlowTool provides a toolbar on your Windows desktop, allowing you to open multiple windows on screen, to view several alternatives side by side, or to check different aspects of a design. In the examples below, a Channel window is shown.

[Channel Flow] In the 1st screen, data is being entered into the Channel Flow window. A Q, n, and slope are specified and the equations will be solved to find the normal depth of flow. In this case, we have also selected a trapezoidal channel, with a 4' bottom width, and 2:1 side slopes (Z). From this data, FlowTool computes the normal depth and other related data (2nd screen).

[Channel Flow]

The computed variables are displayed on a gray background. This channel example is impossible to compute using a calculator, except by trial and error.

The power of FlowTool is its ability to solve for any variable. In this example you could just as easily have specified the normal depth and computed a design slope, a width, or a side slope. And of course you can always solve for the discharge.

[Pressure Flow]

This Pipe Pressure window shows FlowTool's ability to provide partial solutions when not enough data is provided. From the pipe diameter and n factor, the area, perimeter, and Kp coefficient have been computed. Now if you add additional information it will continue to solve for as many variables as possible.

Requires Intel based PC running 32 bit Windows such as Windows95 or WindowsNT, and 2M free disk space.

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